probiotics and weight loss

The Scientific Relation between Probiotics and Weight Loss

There are some claims stating that there are connections between probiotics and weight loss, with the focus that some of the probiotics can actually help you shed off pounds. How does this work? How does a live microorganism can actually help you lose some weights? To get to know the claim better, let’s see the basic explanation and description with scientific facts about the matter.

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Probiotics and Weight Loss: The Basic Explanation

probiotics and weight loss

You see, as it was mentioned before, probiotics are healthy live organisms with their own health benefits. These probiotics can be found in fermented foods as well as supplements, responsible for immune function, cardiovascular health, and digestive health improvement. The newest claim is about the role of probiotics in helping you lose belly fat and also weight. How does that even make sense?

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In reality, it all makes sense, really. Your body has hundreds types of microorganisms – most of which live in the digestive system. Don’t get me wrong, they are friendly and helpful in regulating the body’s mechanism and work. They even help building and producing important nutrients like some of the B vitamins and vitamin K. They are also helpful to break down fibers and convert them to short chain fatty acids such as butyrate (your body can’t break down fibers on its own). This is how probiotics and weight loss are connected.

probiotics and weight loss

Probiotics and Weight Loss: The Scientific Facts

Based on some scientific studies and experiments, at least there are two families of these helpful and friendly bacteria found in the gut, the firmicutes and bacteroidetes. The body’s weight is somehow related to these two bacteria and their levels. Based on the studies done to animals and humans, people with obese issue have different gut bacteria than those with normal weight. Obese people have fewer bacteroidetes and more firmicutes when compared to the normal weight people. Another interesting note when such an experiment was done to the mice, when the lean mice got the transferred gut bacteria from the obese mice, they became fat too. Based on these facts and evidence, it is safe to say that gut bacteria has a significant role in determining weight control and regulation.

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Probiotic and Weight Loss: How the System Worksprobiotics and weight loss

So, now that you know the connection between probiotics and weight loss, how does it actually work? Some probiotics may affect the way your body process the food, by affecting the way dietary fat is absorbed and increasing the number of fat disposed along with feces. Naturally, when more fat is flushed out of the body instead of being absorbed by it, you will automatically lose weight. Some bacteria from Lactobacillus family have been confirmed to help the body in this way. The basic function of the bacteria is:

  • To provide the feeling of being full. The bacteria will release GLP-1 hormone which can help you burn more fat and calories while keeping you full and reducing your appetite at the same time.
  • To reduce fat storage capacity. The bacteria will produce and increase the ANGPTL4, a type of protein that is responsible for fat storage. The more ANGPTL4 is produced, the more fat storage is being reduced.


Besides reducing the body’s capacity in treating and managing the foods, the probiotics can also help with the inflammation issue in the brain. A lot of scientific evidence shows that brain inflammation is connected to obesity. When probiotics are introduced, not only gut health is improved but the systemic inflammation is significantly reduced. This also affects the immune system and how obesity can be prevented. Now that you understand the connections between probiotics and weight loss, it is probably a good idea to start consuming the healthy foods in your diet regime.