Whole30 weight loss

An Overview and Steps to Start Whole30 Weight Loss Program

For the last several decades, this world has been changing rapidly. A lot of aspects are affected, including human lifestyle. People nowadays tend to live a fast-paced and competitive lifestyle, which can lead their life to be less healthy and more stressful. It cannot be denied that this kind of lifestyle will eventually reduce our productivity due to excessive stress and deteriorating health. With fast-paced lifestyle, people have no time to cook, thus eating out at fast food restaurants become a better option to fulfill the hunger. Routine exercises are also neglected due to hectic works. Whole30 weight loss.

Even though the purpose of these activities is to finish as many works as possible in due time, it will eventually lead to less productive performance due to deteriorating health and fitness. Your body will gradually lose its grip, such as repeated stomach ache, constant fatigue even after resting, and many more. Fixing your diet can be one of the most effective way to fix this condition. Finding out which foods that make your body feel awful and which ones that make your body feel great is very important. One of the recommended way to do this is by following Whole30 weight loss program.

Whole30 weight loss

Whole30 weight loss: Definition of Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 weight loss program was launched officially in 2009 after one of the co-founder shared within her blog about her experience with the thirty-day diet plan. Ever since then, a lot of people have applied and changed their health and lives with this Whole30 diet plan. The founder of this diet program advise everyone to consider this diet program as a short-term reset for your nutrition status, intended to help everyone to stop their unhealthy habits and cravings, balance their immune systems, restore their body to healthy metabolism, and heal their digestive tract. This program was founded with the thought that several ailments, such as inability to lose weight, stomach problems, skin issues, overuse injuries, muscle aches, and many more, can’t be explained clearly. Based on this, the founder of Whole30 developed a theory that several foods that we eat, including legumes, sugar, grains, and dairy, are creating these negative impacts to our body.

To confirm whether food is really the cause of these conditions, the founder suggested to cut out every potential troublesome, problem-causing, and inflammatory-inducing food for 30 days. During these 30 days, they suggested to cleanse our body from the negative impacts of these troublesome foods, heal it with a lot of healthy foods, reset our cravings for actual food, and leave our desire to consume processed foods. In these 30 days, you have a chance to define whether the troublesome foods are the actual cause of your unhealthy conditions. If you experience any positive improvement in your digestion, skin, energy, and overall health, then your previous diet might be indeed the cause of your deteriorating health.

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Starting Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 weight loss program has a potential to help you realize how impactful the food you are eating to your health. Like most of fad diets, Whole30 weight loss program can be harmful or ineffective if you do not follow the directions correctly. Thus, here are the steps to start Whole30 diets:

  • First and second steps: before making any commitment to the diet, make sure you learn everything you need to know about the definition and meal plan of Whole30 diets. After that, understand what you can and cannot do.
  • Third step: choose a date to start and commit to the diets. The team that develop Whole30 diets recommends you to start as soon as possible, but it does not have to be right away. It is suggested to wait after you have done with many big events where you cannot control what you can eat, including vacations, weddings, competitions, etc. You have to make sure you can control what you eat for the whole 30 days.
  • Fourth step: during this step, you are suggested to find a support system that will continuously motivate you to do the diet. You can join the community of Whole30 diet or ask your family and friends to support you on those 30 days. Support system is a crucial part to determine the success of lifestyle change.
  • Fifth step: during this step, you should plan some of your meals beforehand and stock your fridge with foods that are approved in this Whole30 program. This can be the most difficult step to do, especially for those aren’t a planner to begin with. However, this is the main part of the diet and if you can pull it through, your chance to finish the program will be significantly bigger.
  • Sixth step: this step focus on planning for crisis management, or when you crave for certain snacks at certain hours. Whole30 program does not accept any cheat. You need to plan alternatives snacks just in case you are stuck in a condition that make you crave for foods.
  • Seventh step: Whole30 diet does not focus on scale numbers but on the food that you eat. Thus, weighing yourself are prohibited during those 30 days. Tell your family to hide your scale so you won’t be tempted to weigh yourself and focus on fixing your eating habit instead.
  • Eighth step: this step is the first day of your whole 30 days journey. After all preparations you have done, this is your time to take an action. By the end of the program, hopefully, you will see a good improvement in your health.

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Some of the foods that you can eat during this Whole30 weight loss program include fruits (grapes, pears, oranges, apples, etc.), vegetables (squash, tomatoes, celery, carrots, etc.), eggs, seafood (tilapia, tuna, crab, shrimp, etc.), meat (beef, pork, turkey, and chicken), and occasional nuts. The foods that you cannot eat are dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), legumes (peanuts, chickpeas, peas, and beans), and grains (rice, cereals, and bread). Hopefully all this information regarding Whole30 diet can help you to fix your unhealthy diet and improve your daily performance and overall health in your life.

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