Meal Planner For Weight Loss

Meal Planner for Weight Loss for 3 Days

Many women are often impatient to keep doing dietary programs, which often causes the diet to fail and do not result in weight loss. But if you want a fast diet, you can follow the Meal Planner For Weight Loss for 3 days. This 3-day diet is a low-calorie diet designed to achieve short-term and very specific weight loss and emphasizes the consumption of a balanced diet consisting of protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. What you might like about this diet is the diet period of no more than 3 days and does not require strenuous exercise. This simple meal plan to lose weightclaims to lose weight as much as 4.5 kg in just three days due to a sudden drop in calories. Then after 3 days, you can still continue to have this type of meal for your 7 day diet, with one day free choice of

Day 1: total calories, 870 calories. Breakfast with black coffee or unsweetened tea with grape juice with one piece of whole wheat bread and peanut butter. Then followed by a half-piece lunch of tuna or salmon, with a piece of bread and black tea or bitter black coffee. Dinner with chicken or lean beef and a handful of beans and carrots and potatoes, then end with apples.

Day 2: total calories, 1200 calorie. Breakfast with one boiled egg with honey tea and banana fruit. Lunch with 1 boiled egg and whole wheat bread and bitter coffee or water. Then proceeded to dinner with beef steak and vegetable broccoli and tofu stir-fried with dessert in the form of citrus fruits.

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Day 3: total calories, 859. One apple breakfast, baked wheat bread and warm tea. Lunch with 1 boiled egg with tea or bitter coffee and one banana. Then dinner with tuna or other sea fish with carrots and cabbage and dessert with melon and water.

In this Meal Planner For Weight Loss, make sure that you should also remember not to process the food by frying or containing vegetable oil to avoid calories and cholesterol. But these effects can vary from person to person, so maybe some of you may not feel such aextreme effect. If you consistently doing this diet program, you can lose until 5kg in 5 days. In fact, it might be hard to begin the program, especially for those who have binge eating habit. You can drink lot of mineral water during meal time to help you decrease the hungry feeling. If you still feeling hungry in time between meal, you can have fruit as your snack.

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Then you can continue this Meal Planner For Weight Loss for a month. Like already mentioned before that you can have a break once per week, if you continue involving this type of diet. However, during break day, don’t consume too much fatty meals, otherwise your diet will ruining. In addition, regularly taking this type of course will accustom your stomach and make it easily feel satisfied and not hungry. If you add with simple exercise like swimming and jogging, you can have good body shape in flash.


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