Kyle Lowry weight loss

Kyle Lowry Weight Loss: What Can You Learn from It

You probably have just heard about Kyle Lowry weight loss these days. And how such a weight loss can bring significant impact in one’s life – including his overall performance. In case you don’t know it, Kyle Lowry is a professional NBA player. And he’s included as one of the most important top 10 players. Not only his weight loss has inspired a lot of people. He has also managed to up his game and improve his overall performance. ~

Kyle Lowry weight loss

Kyle Lowry and the Fuss

The fuss about Kyle Lowry weight loss and his attempts at losing 15 pounds of weight is pretty inspiring – to the point of self revelation and consciousness. You probably think that 15 pounds aren’t much but it does make a difference in everything – in the physical appearance, in one’s ability, and also one’s strength and durability. Kyle Lowry isn’t an obese man; he was simply big. People are probably thinking that it is a good thing – you need to be big and buff to be a professional basket player. However, Lowry had a different idea. It was more about his self consciousness, his knowledge about his own performance, and also his personal health.


According to Lowry, the reason for the weight loss wasn’t about his main goal in losing weight. First of all, he was thinking that he was out of shape. He had a good health, alright, but somehow his performance wasn’t like the one he wanted. Although he had never been an overweight player, people always associated his performance with his weight – thinking that the heavier he was, the worse he would play. Second, he started to learn about nutrition and the overall effect to the body. Third, he wanted to make a change – not to the weight but mostly to his performance.


Kyle Lowry weight loss: How to Achieve the Result

The program and the process aren’t easy and it takes a lot of physical efforts. Lowry would start his day by exercising and consume the generous breakfast before exercising again. He said that everything is about fueling the body in the right way and making sure that your body is using the fuel correctly. He said that it shouldn’t be a problem to eat a lot – as long as you make use of those energies with heavy-duty activities too. He regularly trains for strength building and have alternate days exercising for core and improved conditioning. If you like physical exercises so much, you can probably take inspirations from Kyle Lowry weight loss program.