Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith Weight Loss: Director Kevin Smith just lost 85 pounds by causing 2 simple changes in lifestyle

Kevin Smith has been fat his lifetime. Kevin Smith Weight Loss. The youngest of three children, the “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Reach Back again” director informed Men’s Health in Feb that “by enough time my parents surely got to me, man, these were f—— worn out, so these were never, like, ‘Eat your fruit and vegetables, Kevin.’ THEREFORE I just ate what I needed.”

This year 2010, Smith even made a documentary called “Too Fats For 40” after getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines air travel to be too fat. But Smith’s mentality turned when he found the Oscar-nominated 2014 movie, “COMPLETELY FED UP,” ” an anti-sugar documentary that completely transformed my notion,” he informed Men’s Health.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith Weight Loss – food documentary

After that, the 44-year-old made some major changes to his lifestyle — and it paid. On Sunday, Smith tweeted to his 2.81 million enthusiasts that he has lost an impressive 85 pounds.

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And he fell the weight by changing two main things, as Smith informed Men’s Health in Feb:

1. He stopped consuming sugar-filled refreshments and started out juicing.

The products I drink. I cannot even walk down the refreshments aisle at a grocery anymore because everything is merely sweets water. There is nothing there that isn’t sugar drinking water. I used to be always a man that was like, “Yeah, I drink juice, man, and drink is natural.” ONCE I stopped ingesting sodas and drink and products, the pounds just began flying off.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith Weight Loss – now

…So now I juice things I’d never f—— eat, and it’s really just better my mood a great deal and my energy. Now, before I go onstage or something, I’m like, “Gimme one particular juice-thingies.”

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2. He began walking.

My “training” is I’ve acquired this hill outside my house–like, right outside my home, you go out the entranceway and–boom!–you’re upon this hill, so I’ll take my puppies out and find out who starts inhaling heavy and sweating first. I don’t really exercise. I’m not really a “fifty repetitions” kind of dude. I simply walk every day. But my friend, Scott Mosier, he’s excellent f—— healthy and fit and files, and he’s, like, “Perhaps you should begin working out with a trainer, man.” Which is merely so f—— odd to me. I cannot even conceive to be who is fit. I can get pregnant of being leaner, but f—— muscle build? I have no idea, man. We’ll see. It’d be nice in this lifespan, before I leave this globe, to visit a muscle someplace on my own body.