Eddie Lacy weight loss

Eddie Lacy Weight Loss: The Boost in Performance

The news about Eddie Lacy weight loss seems like a huge surprise but you need to admit that the man looks healthy and fit. Lacy had prepared himself with some help, getting ready for the new season. The Green Bay Packers had Tony Horton, the founder of the P90X, to get himself into shape. The routine includes cardio exercises, yoga, boxing, and other functional training. And the result seems to be quite positive. Mike McCarthy, the head coach of Packers, had criticized Lacy for being overweight, leading to a sluggish and not so promising performance. But the player had seemed to get the message clear enough that he intended to make a change.

Eddie Lacy weight loss

Eddie Lacy Weight Loss: The Process

Everyone knows that a football player not to get his physique primed and ready. Not only he needs to be tough and buff, he needs to be agile and fast – and the latter ones are  the factors that Lacy lack of in some of his performance before. But it is a good thing that Lacy gets smart and asks for help from Tony Horton. Thanks to the hard work and exercises, Lacy managed to lose 20 pounds, managing a peak of physical fitness and a better performance for the team. If you are into physical exercises so much, you may find Eddie Lacy weight loss to be a good inspiration to get yourself going and to take part more in the physical regime.

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According to Horton, the details of the workout includes P90X, P90X2, the Hard Corps 22 Minutes, and other personalized workouts created by Horton. Besides cardio, they were focusing on pushups and pull-ups, the plyometrics, and so many more. For the alternatives, they would do speed, body weight, motion ranges, balance, functional, and also core work. They did basically everything, including boxing and also yoga. Horton understands that most of the problem about Lacy’s performance was due to his weight. Apparently that the more weight he gains, the more sluggish he becomes – and that’s not good for his career and also his team.

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The Final Outcome

Horton understands that his work is far from being over. He still has some work done. Although Lacy has shown an impressive outcome by dropping 20 pounds, he hasn’t exactly reached the target drop off and Horton will make sure that they will get there. He will stick to his plan and monitor Lacy’s progress. Do you think you are interested in trying Eddie Lacy weight loss for your personal inspiration?

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