DJ Khaled weight loss

Dj Khaled Weight Loss: The Journey to Healthier Individual

Among the many inspiring stories of celebrities trying to lose weight, you may find the story of DJ Khaled weight loss to be another good inspiration of how a healthy lifestyle and choice can bring you to the healthier version of yourself. The musician understands that a healthier physique won’t only appealing to the eyes but it can be good for the overall professional career and performance too.

DJ Khaled weight loss

DJ Khaled Weight Loss: About the DJ

DJ Khaled has gained his own popularity in the music industry. Besides his good work, he was also known for his weight, which was actually not a good insight for himself or his health. He was inspired by one of his friends, Fat Joe, who managed to lose 80 pounds and looking healthy now. According to Khaled, not only Fat Joe looks slimmer, he actually looks healthier and fitter. It seems that Joe has more energy to do anything he likes, including work. And when Khaled’s scale had reached the number of 300 pounds, he knew that he had to do something to change his unhealthy condition. And with Fat Joe’s experience for motivation, Khaled has decided that he wanted to move on.

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The so-called DJ Khaled weight loss started when he decided that he should go vegan, which isn’t easy. He was a meat lover and he could eat more and more eat, consuming 2000 calories in a single mealtime alone. Food is his comfort escape but he soon realized that he should gain a better control over himself, including controlling his desire on meat. Instead of devouring on meat, he chooses a better and healthier style, including the idea that breakfast is a must. His breakfast routine now includes oats with almond milk, topped with bananas, blueberries, and apples. He starts to understand that including fruits in his menu isn’t only smart. But also healthy because he now has enough energy without overeating. Water is also an important part of his diet.

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Besides controlling his urge for meat, he also includes veggies and breads. But the latter one is done in limited intake with a focus on veggies and fruits only. Exercise is also a new part of his lifestyle. Because of his weight, he chooses swimming, which turns out to be one of the best exercises he has done. He can lose weight while protecting the joints at the same time. Because of his plan, he managed to lose 66 pounds and look healthier as ever. If you are interested in DJ Khaled weight loss, you can probably try it too.