Catelynn Lowell weight loss

Catelynn Lowell Weight Loss: The Success after Hardship Journey

Depression and stress can lead to other health issues, such as overweight. Too bad, not many people realize it – often brushing off the issue under the carpet instead of looking for answer and solution. Depression seems to be a sticking problem for Catelynn Lowell, the star of Teen Mom. Although there has been a success story of Catelynn Lowell weight loss program (if there is any and if the program is proven successful), the struggle to achieve that outcome certainly doesn’t go easily. With so many roller coaster experience and many ups and downs, Catelynn managing to reach this outcome should get a praise – considering that emotional battle has never been easy.
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Catelynn Lowell Weight Loss and the Current Condition

The fuss about Catelynn Lowell weight loss happened when the Teen Mom star appeared during the aftershow of the reality series on Monday. When she and Amber Portwood, the co-star, were taking a picture together, it was obvious that Catelynn had lost several pounds. She looked thinner – and hopefully, happier. If it was true, she deserved it – after the many years going on a battle with her emotional turmoil.

Catelynn Lowell weight loss

The plan to lose weight wasn’t something new. The star had stated about it in 2016, where a controversy had happened because her husband made a joke about it. At that time, Catelynn had said that she was thinking about going on a diet and then, Tyler Baltierra, had made a joke about it –which created a fuss and talk about it. He was labeled ‘ignorant’ and ‘heartless’ although he only meant it as a joke. The journey, after all, hasn’t been easy. After Catelynn had gone through a rehab for her depression and the couple celebrated their ninth years of anniversary together, things had just kept happening, including the concern about body image.

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Catelynn Lowell Weight Loss and the Follow through Progress


Catelynn Lowell weight loss

It was a good thing that Tyler has been a supportive husband all through the years, where he had gained positive image and role – although he made a slip and became a talk after his fat shame comment. But it seems that Catelynn has too put things behind her if she wants to move forward and become a winner during her emotional battle. In an episode of The Doctors, she was being open about her emotional turmoil – which had opened her view about herself and motivated her about moving forward with her weight loss plan. And now with the Catelynn Lowell weight loss, it seems that she has been a winner.~