Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss: It Is about Personal Happiness

People have been talking about Ashley Graham weight loss based on the photo captured by the plus size model (or is she still?). From the photos, it is obvious that she has undergone quite a weight loss, showing a slimmer version of herself. But then again, being a celebrity with her own fans and haters, the changes have sparked different opinions. Some say that the weight drops to be quite positive while others say a lot of negative things. ~

Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss: The Body Activist

Ashley Graham is known as not only the first plus-size model in the industry but also as a body activist. She was the one that fights her way to the model industry with the idea that even the plus size model can look sexy and appealing even with the plus size type. She is the first plus-size model hired by the world-class brands, not caring for the world when she shows her body and her curves to the world. She has always been proud of her body. And her curves so when the news about Ashley Graham weight loss travels fast, it was shocking. Some people say that Graham is a hypocrite; she fights for the positive body image of the plus size and yet she drops her pounds.

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The Facts

Well, it is quite a controversy but from my perspective. The action that Graham supports isn’t about ‘being plus size is sexy’ but more about ‘any body type is okay and you should be proud of your body’. It is more about having positive thoughts and ideas about who you are and whatever body type you have; not sticking to the plus size idea alone. I believe that Graham loves herself, whether she was still in her plus size figure or with her slimmer body. I believe that she loves her old self and the new one. So what if she can lose weight with the healthier menu? So what if her weight loss is the result of the healthier lifestyle she has today? The idea is to love yourself despite your flaws and your body weight or size. And that’s the idea that Graham has been fighting for.

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Well, people can always say whatever they want because words are easier said than done. But if you are looking for inspirations or ideas about how to stay positive. And confident – no matter in whatever body size you are – you can always take inspirations from Ashley Graham weight loss and her continuous struggle.