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Planning Weight Loss Goal: Overview and the Use of Weight Loss Goal Calculator

Every year, the prevalence of obesity and overweight keep on increasing on all age spectrums.This is due to the change in human lifestyle, which now has the tendency to a more sedentary one. People work in front of computer, spend their free time watching TV, or playing games, and eat a lot of junk foods because they have no time to cook. In addition, due to hectic works, routine exercises are also neglected. These habits will eventually lead to obesity. Obesity increases the risk for metabolic syndrome related diseases and cardiovascular disease. Weight Loss Goal Calculator. To prevent those negative impacts on obesity, losing weight is the best solution for overweight and obese people.~weight-loss2.com

There are a lot of way to lose weight, from increasing physical activity, fixing dietary intake, to consuming weight loss supplement. However, before you decide to lose weight, it is better if you visit a doctor or nutritionist to know your current health status and which weight loss program is the most suitable for you. Choosing random weight loss program may lead to unsuccessful result or even a yoyo effect where you gain more weight than you already lose. There are several things that you need to keep in mind if you want lose weight. First, you need to set your intensions and understand your motivation to lose weight. It will definitely help you to maintain your focus on what you want and need during your weight loss journey without losing what matters the most: your happiness and health. Losing weight is not only about reducing food intake and increasing physical activity. It is also about enough sleep, managing stress level, and understanding various health issues, such as hormones and medications.weight loss goal calculator

Creating Weight Loss Plan

To make it simple, losing weight needs time, commitment, and planning. If you find any weight loss program or supplement that promises quick weight loss in an extraordinary time frame, then it is a possible bad idea. A lot of experts agree that losing over a kilogram every week is an unhealthy alternative to arrange weight loss and hard to sustain. You need to understand your current condition, what is healthy for your condition, and what will you need to get there, to find out the reasonable goal to lose your weight.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of weight loss goal calculator available on internet. By using this weight loss goal calculator, it will be easier for you to manage your diet and physical activity. However, it is important to understand the concept of setting weight loss goal so you will not only following numbers and target blindly. Here are the steps to set a feasible weight loss target you can follow:

  • Finding out the ideal body weight: ideal body weight is different from one person to another. Most medical weight loss goal calculator are based on certain height and height, for example 45 kilogram every 153 cm for women and with every 2.5 cm addition in height, the weight is added 2.3 kilogram. Which means, if you have 158 cm height, your ideal body weight is 49.6 kilogram. This is, of course, just an estimation. If you want to get the accurate number, body composition scan is needed to see the amount of fat tissue in your body. The best way to find out your body composition is by using underwater weighing or DEXA scan, but both methods are very costly and uncommon. Thus, you can use bioelectrical impedance or skinfolds measurement available at many health clubs.
  • Understanding what are needed to get there: losing weight means you have to make sure your body is on a calorie deficit condition. It means the amount of calorie burnt is bigger than the amount of calorie you consume. To achieve a calorie deficit condition, you need to focus on replacing both your exercise habits and diet. Do not focus on one aspect only or your weight loss plan will definitely be unsuccessful. You need to cut at least 500 calories per day to lose 0.5 kg per week. You can figure out how much calorie you can eat by finding out your BMR or basal metabolic rate. BMR is the amount of calorie your body need to function properly at resting condition.
  • Setting small goals to be achieved along the way: it is important to set feasible goals during weight loss program to keep you going. These feasible goals serve as your check points that keep you right on track. Small goals will also keep you motivated and even if the results of these small goals are not visible on scale, it will give you a healthy foundation to change your previous unhealthy habits.
  • Setting a realistic time frame: the time frame to lose weight is affected by a lot of factors, such as your initial weight, your age, your lifestyle, and your gender. There is also a state of plateaus, when you are closer to your target, it will take even more time to lose the same amount of weight you lost during the beginning of your program. Losing weight is not an instant process, thus patients and commitments are needed to ensure your weight loss program is successful.

Recommended Calculator for Weight Loss Goal

After understanding the concept, you can start creating your weight loss plan by using weight loss goal calculator available on internet. The typical information needed to use this type of calculator are your current weight, age, goal weight, timeframe, gender, your current physical activity, and your goal physical activity. After you enter these information to the calculator, it will provide examples for exercises and diet plan to get your desired weight.

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The most recommended weight loss goal calculator is Body Weight Planner developed by National Institute of Health (NIH). The mathematician of this organization, Kevin Hall, analyzed various weight0lost research and created an algorithm that implemented every factors these research proved affected weight loss. You can use this calculator by visiting https://www.supertracker.usda.gov/bwp/index.html and follow the instruction suggested by the website.