Amy Schumer weight loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss: The Misery behind It

The news about Amy Schumer weight loss and her efforts to lose weight has been around for quite a while. Wait, isn’t the lady kind of proud and love herself, no matter what? Yes, she is but she has to do it for a movie and she didn’t actually enjoy the program. So, what’s her story behind the weight loss effort? []

Amy Schumer weight loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss: About Amy Schumer

We all know about Amy Schumer and her witty comments with her potty mouth – who doesn’t love her? For being bold and brazen, she is known for her daring comments and she isn’t afraid of anything. She admitted that she likes herself the way it is. She admits that she isn’t a stick – she was born with curved figure and she is proud of it. But when she had to shoot a movie, the Trainwreck, which is about hilarious dating experience, she couldn’t help but losing a few pounds because the producers ‘made’ her so. They didn’t say it out loud or forced her to do it but they did seem like nudge her to think about having a slimmer version of herself, considering that she should be looking fashionable and stylish in some of the wardrobe.

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The Horrible Facts

The progress of Amy Schumer weight loss program wasn’t easy. After the meeting with the producers, it turned out that they had prepared a personal trainer that was said to be able to help her with her weight loss. The producers were pretty sure that he would be able to help her, considering that he had been working with some of the popular names in the industry, like Megan Fox and the Hemsworth brothers. And when they met for the first time, the trainer assessed her appearance, which was quite bothersome for Schumer. And then later on, he handed her the weight loss plan which was made exclusively for her alone. She wasn’t allowed to eat anything she likes. Her breakfast regime started with smoothie and smoothie alone. But the horrible thing was the fact that he said most Hollywood celebrities don’t consume anything, which is the major reason why they look so great on screen. And for a foodie like Schumer, it was devastating.

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The Current News

Now after the movie is done producing, the actress says that she doesn’t mind gaining the lost weight again. She only dropped 3 pounds, which isn’t much for the trainer. However, Schumer loves her figure so much and looking skinny makes her look sick. She has no plan to stay sticking up to the Amy Schumer weight loss and continue it.