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The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Amber Portwood Weight Loss: The Relation of Obesity and Medication

Weight gain and obesity are often the result of underlying issues – such as psychological scar or mental disorder. This what seems to happen to Amber Portwood. Until she was able to recognize the core issue of her weight gain, she couldn’t deal with her weight issue. But now, she has managed to achieve the so called Amber Portwood weight loss result after she had acknowledged her issues and found help.~

Amber Portwood Weight Loss

Amber Portwood Weight Loss: The Beginning

Gaining popularity in MTV’s series, Teen Mom, Amber Portwood has undergone a not-easy life. After she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder, she still had to deal with her weight issue. After having her child, her weight reached 180 pounds, a point which she viewed as ‘unhealthy and depressing.’ The disorder had made her unable to function properly. Sometimes it was even difficult for her to get up from bed because of her issue. She knew that her weight was unhealthy but she had no control over it – until one day, she decided to stop the unhealthy cycle and move forward. She started dieting back then in 2015 with the help of a nutritionist because she had diabetes. She knew the importance of healthy diet, so she focused on healthy meal and proportion. She started exercising too. After five months, she experienced her first Amber Portwood weight loss when she managed to reach 130 pounds.

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Despite her being all healthy and better, she was diagnosed with another disorder, the borderline personality disorder. It was difficult to receive the news, and to face the fact that a mood stabilizer drug should be added to the prescription. It was a good thing that Amber also got the right support from her fiancé, Matt, and that Matt got the right explanation from the psychiatrist about her condition. Remember, getting support from the loved one as well as knowing the facts about the condition is important because it will give them clearer idea of what to do. And after this diagnose, Amber gained her weight again simply because her medicine made her crave for food.

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But after struggling with her emotional turmoil as well as her crave, Amber tried to regain control over her life. She is watching her food and going back to the gym, accompanied by Matt. She is now feeling better and healthier but she won’t be able to reach the Amber Portwood weight loss without the support from her loved ones – especially from Matt.

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