Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: The ‘Lucky’ Result

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: The ‘Lucky’ Result

What do you know about Abby Lee Miller weight loss? If you are a dedicated viewer of Lifetime and you have seen Dance Mom couple of times, you will be familiar with the main character, Abby Lee Miller, the ‘coach’ for these girls dancers. Well, if you have followed the series for several moments, you must have realized the drastic changes that have happened to her lately. She slims down. Yes, she admitted that her previous size was 24 and now she is wearing size 16. So, what was her story or secret behind such an impressive weight loss outcome? []

Abby Lee Miller weight loss

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss: The ‘Coincidence’ Diet

So, again, how did Abby lose her weight after all? Well, she had never planned to do so, really. She was quite comfortable in her skin and she had no problem with it. But everything started with unfortunate events – you guess it, a series of it. And it made her lose weight – which is like the unexpected but nice surprise, after all. She didn’t undergo any weight loss surgery, crazy strenuous exercise, or any crazy diet. Everything started with her mom being ill with cancer and had to be hospitalized for quite a while. And you know how the food in hospital is – it is not exactly the five star cuisine. Some people are even sick because of it and it had been carried away with her for quite a while. And then another set of unfortunate events had led her to her weight loss.

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When she had to start filming again for Dance Mom, the setting had no air conditioner. It was super hot, and no one had the appeal to eat – they were mostly more interested in drinking lots and lots and lots of water. And when she had to film the setting in Australia, her prescription drug for diabetes ran out so she had it have it refilled there. And it seems that the drug system in Australia is different. Because she would vomit like crazy every time she had taken the pill. And after the throw up session is done, she didn’t have the appetite to eat. She couldn’t even look at food or had the desire to eat one – and everything leads to Abby Lee Miller weight loss.

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This may be one of the rarest occasions of someone losing weight without them even have the intention to do so. But Abby is quite grateful for the outcome and the positive feedbacks she has gotten from her new appearance. Thanks to the Abby Lee Miller weight loss specialty.